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     In a nut shell, we handle your whole event from top to bottom in Miami, FL. If you are having a Miami, Florida wedding, birthday party, sweet sixteen or anniversary party, we have you covered. You can schedule multiple services with us. Or you can schedule just one service with us. Either way, no matter how much or how little you book with us, we will be honored to have been selected. Our team started as DJ service in 1999. In 2009 we experienced a major expansion and purchased limousines as an added service to offer our clients. Fast forward a few more years and we started offering more and more services. Since the late 90's we have been gaining more experience, knowledge, improving and expanding our brand. Our company is now fortunate to provide service to our clients globally.


     We realize what a tremendous impact we will have on the success of your reception, corporate event, private party or maybe even just a simple airport transfer. Therefore, we spend considerable time planning and preparing to deliver a professional and tasteful presentation. Please allow us to show you what has made us become one of the best choices in Miami, Florida for events.

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Ultra Music Festival Miami Limo
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