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Miami Hummer Limo Rental | Limousine H2 Miami

Hummer Limousine Rentals In Miami | Hummer Limo Miami | Miami Beach Hummer Limos

     If you are looking to schedule a Miami Hummer limo rental you have come to the right place. Our company has hand picked a diverse fleet of Hummer limo rentals in Miami. We organize black, white, silver and pink Hummer limos in Miami to name a few. Hummer limos in Miami are very popular because they are very wide compared to many other limo rentals. Miami Hummer limo rentals also offer large door ways and increased leg and head room compared to the typical stretch sedan. We have been organizing Hummer limos in Miami for a long time. We to do what it takes to earn your business when you are considering planning your next special event and renting a Hummer limo in Miami. If you are looking the home of the biggest and the best Limo Hummer Miami, Miami Hummer Limousines, or Hummer Miami Limousines call us right away at (305) 563-1552 and we will be happy to assist you. 

Miami Hummer Limo Service Areas

     Reserve a hummer limo in Miami today. Many Miami hummer limos have wrap around leather seating, built in bars, surround sound, premium flooring, privacy between you and the driver, access to your own controls for sound and comfort levels and much more. Everyone loves hummer limo rentals in Miami. Whether you are planning a birthday, wedding, bachelor, bachelorette, prom or any other special party consider renting a hummer limo in Miami to really make the event extra special. Click HERE to see more of our Hummer Miami limousines and the rest of our fleet. 

Military Vehicle Turned Miami Limo | How the Miami Hummer Limo Came To Be

     What use to be a military vehicle to fight war is now available to rent for your next event. Besides it being one of the toughest vehciles on the road, someone decided that they wanted to make it fourty feet long. We are sure you have seen them in the action and war movies. Although, the Miami Hummer limo is not like the Hummer you have seen in the movies. The Miami Hummer limo has been extended nearly fourty feet and instead of seating a few people they now seat up to twenty six. If you are looking for that crazy adventure in Miami, but want luxury at the same time, the Miami Hummer Limousine is the way to go. Step assided soccer moms that want to use their SUV to pack in the hockey sticks, we just took it to a whole nother level! When you see the Hummer limo in Miami in person you will know that this thing means business. No matter what type of event you are having this is a perfect limo to add into the fun. Call (305) 563-1552 to make your reservation today.

H3 Versus H2 Miami Hummer Limo Rental

     The smaller H3 decreases seating to a maximum of fourteen guests, but offers a more intimate experience with wrap-around seating which ensures maximum conversation potential. Despite the smaller size, the H3 also comes equipped with a complete surround sound system attached to an iPod dock and Satellite Radio. Fiber optic lighting offers a warm mood and sets the tone for a more personal affair. The H2 is larger compared to the H3 and can fit up to twenty six passengers. It is much wider and taller on the insider as well. The H2 is more popular and our top suggestion to clients when searching for hummer limo rentals in Miami. Many people prefer the H2 Miami Hummer limo to the H3 Miami Hummer limousine.

Miami Hummer Limo Rental
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